Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo

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Daniel Ricciardo (rih-CAR-doh;[2] born 1 July 1989) is an Australian racing driver who is currently competing in Formula One for Infiniti Red Bull Racing.[3] He won the British Formula Three Championship in 2009. After Mark Webber announced his retirement from Formula One, Ricciardo was confirmed as his replacement at Infiniti Red Bull Racing for 2014.[4] His teammate is Sebastian Vettel. Ricciardo attained his first Formula One win at the 2014 Canadian Grand Prix by overtaking Nico Rosberg on lap 68 of 70. He scored his second win at the 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix.[5]

Ricciardo pronounces his name 'Ricardo' instead of the Italian pronunciation 'Rit-char-do', saying that is how his family pronounces it.[2] His father was born in Sicily and his mother's family comes from Calabria.[6]

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