Ayrton Senna Birth of a Legend Signed Print

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This fabulous artist print captures the moment Ayrton Senna won his first Grand Prix at Estoril in 1985. Almost unbelievably, this piece is signed by the pitcrew that day who were also celebrating the first victory since the death of Colin Chapman. The signatures include Steve Hallam, Tim Densham, Bob Dance, Chris Dinnage, Tony Fletcher, Sam Boyle, Paul Simpson, Nigel Stepney, Steve Tate, Paul Diggins, Jonathan Woodward and Colin Watts. The "Birth of a Legend" artwork is limited to just 200 pieces and measures 24"x18". Each one of the 200 has been INDIVIDUALLY hand signed by Pitlane Crew and the artist Robert Tomlin - who has inidividually numbered each piece as well.