Authenticity Claim Conditions

100% Money Back Guarantee based on the following conditions:

1) Any dispute with relation to authenticity need to be raised with On The Edge Motorsport via this form prior to any external dispute process (eg. Credit Card Chargeback / PayPal Dispute) - if an external dispute has commenced it must closed to continue with this process. Otherwise the dispute will need to be handled externally.
2) Prior to issuing any refund On The Edge Motorsport reserves the right to investigate the authenticity claims. This process may take up to 30 days.
3) Buyer is required to supply evidence related to their authenticity claim for any dispute in the form of written evidence or photographic evidence. The more evidence supplied, the quicker the dispute will take to resolve.
4) Where a buyer is not satisfied with an item, On The Edge Motorsport may, within the 30 days of this form being submitted source a replacement item either in stock or from suppliers that addresses any of the concerns of the buyer. Upon mutual agreement by both parties, the replacement item will be supplied to the buyer at no extra charge once the original item has been received by On The Edge Motorsport. A suitable replacement item will take precedence over a refund.
5) Where a suitable replacement item is offered by On The Edge Motorsport but refused by the buyer a store credit for the item amount only (Order amount minus any shipping charges incurred by On The Edge Motorsport) will be made available to the buyer once the disputed goods have been returned to On The Edge Motorsport in their original condition with all relevant paperwork.
6) Where a suitable replacement item is offered and refused by the buyer On The Edge Motorsport may, at their discretion offer a refund minus shipping charges to the buyer when a store credit is unlikely to be used. On The Edge Motorsport will refund any such amount upon agreement between both parties and within 14 business days following the receiving the goods and all paperwork in the same condition as supplied.
7) All return shipping charges are to be paid by the buyer to facilitate any refunds or returns.
8) No refunds will be processed until all disputed items are received by On The Edge Motorsport.
9) Such is the nature of memorabilia items that occasionally On The Edge Motorsport will provide 'best effort' information to provide detail about an items use. Unless a specific event is documented (eg., a specific Formula 1 race) either via email or the web store, then a best effort documentation has been supplied using photographic and textual information available in the public domain. For example this information could be used to provide a general year of use rather than a specific race.
10) Where clause (9) has been used to define the description of an item, if a claim is made against this item due to detail defined in
clause (9) however the authenticity of the item is not in question then clauses (1) to clause (8) all apply when handing the resolution process.
11) Upon investigation where On The Edge Motorsport has reviewed and agreed with the submitted evidence and an item is found to be 'non authentic' On The Edge Motorsport will provide a refund to the buyer within 14 days of receiving the disputed item following this process. Refunds will only be issued upon approval prior to the return of the item. In this instance On The Edge Motorsport will refund the full purchase amount, however return shipping is at the cost of the buyer and can be provided as a store credit at the choice of the buyer.

If you have read the above terms and conditions please click here to submit a claim